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After slugging it out hard on GTA 5 like Vin Diesel in XXX: Return of Xander Cage and on other Zombie games dedicated to monster hunters, there is some relief in the pipeline for gaming fans around the globe. The gaming supergiant Supercell is back with a bang to sweep you off your feet once again with its most ambitious game ever Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars

While the mystery on the release date of the game outside Canada (the game is already out in Canada on iOS) looms large, impatient fans can still sneak a view of the complete gameplay on various gaming websites. The rumors have it strong that the gameplay is all decked up in Metal Slug Style or Pimp Style, which without a doubt will raise the entertainment bar manifold.

Sample this: the Gangs of heroes will collide with the Gangs of baddies. It is like Captain America’s civil war containing superheroes from all walks of life. But as we gaming Gerard Butlers can’t just sit and dream something exciting to happen in future, we have got you the right guide (before the official release of the game) to help you download and run the games on your respective devices smoothly. But let us take the ride in style and understand its features first. Here we go:

The Most Talked Features of Brawl Stars

  1. Brawl Stars is a free game. There are no charges for downloading.
  2. There are ‘in-app’ purchases for which players have to shell out the real money.
  3. These ‘in-app’ purchases are, however, not mandatory.
  4. Players can easily disable this feature from easy system settings.
  5. There is an age restriction. Players under 13 can’t download the game for free.
  6. Players under 13 have to play according to the Terms & Conditions.
  7. The game allows you to join Gangs of your choice and share your plans for the war.
  8. Victories allow players to climb up the leaderboards, both regional and local.
  9. Brawl Stars is equipped with a multiplayer mode to allow players have fun with their close friends.
  10. The game is faster than the Fast and Furious movie series.
  11. In-app purchases allow you to customize your players. Bingo! So no boring costumes and skin etc.

Since we have dug in deep into the game’s features, it is time to have a detailed glimpse of Brawl Stars APK. So let us first explore the Brawl Stars gameplay and followed by Brawl Stars Download procedure for all devices.

Brawl Stars Gameplay for Gaming Zombies

After an undisputable success of Clash Royale, Supercell is all gung ho about Brawl Stars APK. The game is soon going to release and its fans can play for free under some restrictions though. The makers of the game have obviously tried to do something different this time by spicing up the adventure quotient a bit.

It seems that they have finally realized that the game is best enjoyed with freaky friend gangs. This is why there is a multiplayer mode for players. Connect with your friends around the globe and bring the house down with some unabashed spine-chilling thrill. And that is not just it. There are more freaking adventures riding high on the gaming tides. The game modes are more brutal than Dave Batista in Spectre with various exclusive features for fans.

But what makes the game even more exciting is shooting like Clive Owen in Shoot’em Up, of course. Who does not like shooting badasses in a game and play a bit of James Bond in this sluggish life? Well everyone does. Time to go through the gameplay right here right now:

There are four modes in Brawl Stars Android & Brawl Stars iOS.

Brawl Stars Mode 1: Smash and Grab

As the title of mode one suggests itself, this is going to be a rush hour time for players. Pull your socks up, acquire the skills of a Spartan to smash the baddies, and win some accolades worldwide. Smash and Grab mode is your first passage to entertainment after Brawl Stars download. You just got to be prepared to nail it.

In this mode, all you got to do is collect the crystals right at the center of the map. However, it is not as easy as said. You as a player in the game have to fight it out really well while trying to collect those crystals. Obviously, this is not going to be easy. The baddies are trained to fight as well. The team that collects 10 crystals first without losing them is declared the winner. So all game for it, huh? Of course, you are.

Brawl Stars Mode 2: Bounty

The mode two ‘Bounty’ is like going berserk for a bounty like drop-dead gorgeous bounty hunter Gerard Butler. Unlike mode one, players got to collect stars in this mode. The rules remain the same. The task is an ordeal by fire as you fight the opponents while fulfilling your mission. And that is not just it. You got to be really sharper than James Bond while eliminating your enemies. Winner team has the maximum number of stars in their kitties. Obviously, huh!

Brawl Stars Mode 3: Heist

Performing a heist in life like one of Ocean’s team members is probably every gamer’s wild fantasy. And this fantasy is going to be fulfilled by none other than the makers of Brawl Stars APK. Obviously, there is no dearth of games with a heist plot (i.e. GTA 5) but we are bored to death by them now.

So fellas live it up fresh in style with Brawl Stars APK. Slip into the shoes of Vin Diesel for a while and go for the thrilling ride. You have to break open the safe, which is manned by the mates in opposition. Grill it with brains guys! Team with the maximum loot booty wins the game. Any doubt?

Brawl Stars Mode 4: Showdown

The Showdown mode will stay true to its name until the end. The thrill it bestows on you is sublime. Get prepared to ride a journey more adventurous than the adventures of Indiana Jones and his Crystal Skulls. The 10 best of all are pitted against the 10 best of all. The craziness shoots through the roof and it is like Captain America versus Iron Man in Civil War. You got to fight it out with the best brawlers, collect, snatch, and unlock your favorite brawlers to get an edge in the game. The last man standing is the showdown winner.

How to Download Brawl Stars Android APK?

Being the best operating system for cell phones, Supercell has already unleashed Brawl Stars iOS. The Brawl Stars Android version is yet to hit the devices. According to reports by gaming experts, the Brawl Stars APK Android version of the game is likely to release after three months of the official release date of its iOS version.

We have got our eyes on Supercell and if all goes well we will have Brawl Stars Android version right here even before it hits Play Store. Let us just get the guide to download Brawl Stars APK Android.

Brawl Stars APK Download

  1. Players will be required to download Brawl Stars Android version manually as the official version is not out yet. Remember, we have got Brawl Stars APK for you already. It is not even on Play Store.
  2. You will have to download it from the third party website.
  3. To protect your device of any malware, enable downloading from third party sources.
  4. To enable downloading from third party sources on your device, go to System Settings followed by Security. There is ‘Unknown Sources’ tab. Check the box beside it. It will enable the safe downloading.
  5. Enter the URL on the mobile browser to download the game. You can also click on the link given below.
  6. It is time to transfer the file to your mobile. Use Bluetooth or USB.
  7. Run the setup file.
  8. Click on the ‘installation’ option.
  9. Now just wait till it is done.
  10. Have fun now!!

All right! So installing Brawl Stars Android is done. How about learning to download Brawl Stars iOS? Well, it is already out in Canada. You should know how to install it on your device before it wreaks havoc in your town. Shouldn’t you? Yes. You should.

How to Download Brawl Stars iOS?

So without creating a dramatic story around this, we would like to go straight to the point here. It is already out dude!

  1. Brawl Stars iOS is actually known as Brawl Stars IPA for all iDevices. The game is out in Canada. It is available on iTunes.
  2. Brawl Stars iOS can be downloaded manually from other regions on iDevices with a slight circumvention. Here is the IPA file for downloading.
  3. Players can create Canadian iTunes account and download Brawl Stars Vanilla version from other countries without incurring any cost. Just follow the guidelines given below.
  4. You now need to Trust the app.
  5. Go to profile, select device management, Enterprise of the App, and finally Trust to Run the App on your iDevice.
  6. All done and set. Let’s roll the dice buddy!!!

Playing games on PCs is like watching a movie in a theater. So the show must go on forever.

Brawl Stars Download for PC

The epic Brawl Stars PC comes with a zany Bluestacks that boost your gaming experience like never before. The new improved Bluestacks brings your mobile gaming experiences right onto your PCs with features that will bowl your over. There is one-click video game broadcasting controls that take you to every corner of the world without putting in many efforts.

Install Brawl Stars using Bluestacks

The best android emulator, Bluestacks has made video games accessible to everyone around the world. You can stream Brawl Stars PC on massive networks such as Facebook Live and

  1. First of all, download Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Download Bluestacks from its official websites.
  3. You can download Bluestacks from the link given below.
  4. Download the official Bluestacks Brawl Stars APK file on the web. You can download Bluestacks and Brawl Stars APK separately as well.
  5. After the download, locate the file on your PC.
  6. Open Bluestacks Brawl Stars PC using Bluestacks. The installation process will start.
  7. That is it. You can download the Bluestacks Brawl Stars PC by opening it in the app drawer.

No matter how perfect a game is, it comes with its own share of hacks and that is what exactly makes it interesting sometimes. The more hacks you know, the better it gets in the game.

Let’s explore some cool Brawl Stars hack using MOD APK. Here we go:

Get Brawl Stars Hack using MOD APK

  1. Start downloading Brawl Stars MOD APK by clicking on the link “Download Brawl Stars MOD APK” right here.
  2. Access the location of the game after downloading the game.
  3. You are required to enable the download option before downloading on the mobile browser. Go to Settings, click Security, go to Unknown Sources and then check it. It will enable the download.
  4. Now it is time to access Brawl Stars hack file. Click it to run the installation process. Wait till the process is completed.
  5. Check whether the Vanilla version downloaded by you is eliminated or not. If yes then go to the next step else remove it manually.
  6. Locate the app now on your home menu with its logo. Run the Brawl Stars Hacks.
  7. That is it. You can play the games to get that unfair edge to your competitors.
  8. Collect unlimited coins, chips, and crystals. Live the life of a King.

So this is how you can easily hack Brawl Stars game on your Android devices. We will soon upload the IPA hacked file for iOS devices as well. Till then, you can watch the official video streamed by SuperCell developers before the launch of Brawl Stars in Canada.

Final Words on Brawl Stars Download

With all those hacks and Bluestacks on your rescue, you are bound to emerge an undisputed ruler in Brawl Stars APK. Supercell seems to have nailed it again with this promising brawl caper and we too have taken the legends of the makers a level up. If you ever feel the need for any help in the game, do write to us. Keep an eye on blog for more updates and releases on Brawl Stars!

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