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Download Firestarter APK

As you may know (of course you do, which is why you’re here), Amazon has launched the all new Fire TV. That’s all well and good, but there’s a huge catch with Fire TV. It’s very hard to create a working shortcut on the home screen of Kodi. This, of course, has a solution. There are several alternative launchers for Fire TV, and Firestarter APK   is just about one of the best launcher that we have across. Firestarter takes care of a major headache, and in this post, that is what we are trying to achieve.

Developed by Amazon, Fire TV are two generations of digital media players and micro consoles. Besides the US, it’s also available in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.  The 1st Generation Amazon Fire TV was unveiled on April 2, 2014. And the second generation was launched in 2015 with stuffs like improved processor speed and 4K UHD support. Mostly praised and hailed by users and critics, the Fire TV offers high-quality build, better specifications than its competitors. One of the things that we personally liked was the better microphone in the Fire TV. Now that we are done with a bit of background, let get into the real thing that you are here for!

Since you are looking at this post, I’m assuming you already know what Firestarter is but just in case, and also for those who don’t know what the app does, we’ll talk about the features of the TV player APK, then move on to how we can download and install Firestarter APK on Fire TV, along with a couple of other discussions.

Firestarter APK Features:

Since its an alternative launcher for Fire TV, that’s what the app primarily does. However, down below you’ll find everything the app is capable of doing. Some of these features are pretty useful, and you might try it out when you install Firestarter APK and begin using.

  • You set up the software so that it start-ups when the app opens.
  • Allows a couple of other easy configurations like the app starts when the Home Button is single-clicked and starts the Amazon Home upon double-clicking the Home Button.
  • Users can also configure Kodi to start on a double-click and FireStarter single-click.
  • All installed apps are listed including ADB/sideloaded installed apps.
  • Users will also have the option to import and export settings.
  • With FireStarter, users can easily hide apps from app drawer and even sort apps using click-drag-and-drop option.
  • You don’t require any root in order to install the app that automatically updates itself. So that’s a savior of time and effort.

How to Download FireStarter APK on Fire TV

Here we’ll let you in our secret in hopes that you’d find using Fire TV more easy and convenient. If you find the guide useful, then forget to share it with your friends and colleagues. So here’s the guide to show with showbox for pc app, how to can sideload APK files like say, Kodi 1st/2nd generation Fire TV or Fire TV Stick on your Windows PC with the help of Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

Step 1: Of course the first thing that you’d need to do is download the FireStarter APK. Simply Google searches the term, open the first link you get and down the apk file from there. Since FireStarter has no official site, this is an easy and effective way to get your hands on the software.

Step 2: Now go on to connect the Fire TV by using the ADB utility. For anyone who doesn’t have the ADB installed, they can connect to Fire TV by taking a good like and following the guide we have written below.

You need to follow these commands: For ABD installation – <path-to-apk-file>

You’ll be basically replacing the full path to the APK file. If you find this work to taxing, then we have got an alternative for you. Simply enter ADB install and drag the APK file into the Command Prompt window. even you can record this with scr pro app .What this will do is automatically fill in the file’s path.

Step 3: It’ll take some time but at the end of it, you’ll be prompted by the “success” message. Now you are ready to launch the sideloaded app. Simply follow these steps to navigate: Settings>Application>Managed Installed Applications.

Step 4: Once you are done sideloading, disconnect your ADB connection. We encourage you to go ahead and run the following command: adb disconnect <IP-ADDRESS> (Replace the IP address term with your own IP address.)

Over To You

The method practically has no shortcomings or at least nothing that we have come across. It’s probably worth mentioning, we had tried a handful of methods and this, in our experience, this is the simplest and easiest method. It requires no external device and can be done just the Fire TV remote. Moreover, the method works for all Fire TV & Fire TV Stick models.

Well, that’s all there is to it. For queries, hit us up using the comment section below.

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