GBWhatsapp Apk Download for Android & iOS Latest version 2020

GBWhatsapp Apk Download : WhatsApp is the app commonly and widely used by everyone nowadays. It is one of the best and an amazing app till now for Android and iOS devices. So here is a new version of whatsapp that is GBWhatsapp app. GBWhatsapp app for android and iOS is a Mod of official whatsapp apk. In this whatsapp you can hide online status when you are online, hide the second tick, hide blue ticks; you can apply different themes and many other things. Many of you are using official whatsapp app for so long and you will bored by using same thing for such a long time. So here we come up with an easy and amazing solution to your boredom that is GBWhatsapp apk. GBWhatsapp apk is totally free; you don’t have to pay a single penny to download it. You can download it totally free for your Android and iOS devices and enjoy it.

It is very simple to download and install the GBWhatsapp apk. It does not consist of complicated steps. This app in your android and iOS device modifies the features of whatsapp. You can install this app alongside with your official whatsapp. You can run both whatsapp in your device that means you can use both whatsapp accounts simultaneously in one device. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Of course yes, it’s a pretty good thing. As soon as you get GBWhatsapp apk in your device you are gonna love it for sure. This app gives premium feel regarding features. GBWhatsapp consist of one dedicated menu in settings, from which you can copy multiple whatsapp message without date and name of sender. So go and simply download and install an astounding GBWhatsapp apk in your device. Just before downloading make sure you once go through the step guide for GBWhatsapp. So it will clear your all the queries if you are having regarding the downloading, installing and how to use the app and what features it support.

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GBWhatsapp Intro

GBWhatsapp app is app you must have in your Android and iOS devices. Introduce yourself to the fresh and modified features you should download and install this app soon. The other way around this app is the Mod version of the official whatsapp with modified features. Here we are sharing this app with cool and fresh features to you. This app has many cool features like themes, hide online status, hide double and blue ticks etc. Using different chat themes you can make you conversation more cherishing and unique. Hiding online feature no one can see you online, if you are doing some work than this feature is very much useful as you will not get disturbed by anybody. Not only you can hide online, you can hide blue ticks so there won’t be any issues for you if you won’t reply to anyone.


In past whatsapp has been having an issue like banning the accounts who was using the third party whatsapp mods like GBWhatsapp or Whatsapp plus, etc. Now that issue has been solved there is nothing to get worried about that. This version of GBWhatsapp app has come up with anti-ban mod so now you are not going to face any problem of banning while using this app. Any of the Android and iOS users can use this Whatsapp Mod flawlessly and enjoy without any cost. This is new and modified version of WhatsApp comes up with some astounding and cool features which you haven’t enjoyed in official whatsapp. Before having the GBWhatsapp apk in your device there are some things which you have to setup in your device. Let’s take a look on things which you have to setup in your device for using GBwhatsapp apk.

How to download GBWhatsapp apk for android:

  • Enable the USB Debugging in your android device. Go to the Settings> Security> Unknown Sources> and tap on Ok.
  • Download GBWhatsapp apk for your device from the links available.
  • Your device doesn’t need to get rooted. It is designed in the way that it can run on both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • You need internet; you can use your data connection or WiFi to get connected.

How to install GBWhatsapp apk on your android device:

  • Get the GBwhatsapp apk from the links given below.
  • When it’s done, click on it and the installation process will be started.
  • It will take least of your time in installation process, and it will be installed.
  • After the installation process, click on the app and it will ask for the verification of your number and complete all the formalities.
  • After all the formalities are completed, you are ready to use the GBWhatsapp apk with new and astounding features. You can enjoy 2 accounts of whatsapp in your android device simultaneously.

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How to download GBWhatsapp apk for iOS devices:

  • First of all download the GBWhatsapp apk for your device from the links available.
  • After downloading the app in your device install the app.
  • It will start the installation in your iOS device.
  • After the installation is done, launch the app and verify the number and complete all the formalities.
  • Now you can enjoy the GBWhatsapp apk in your iOS device also.

Let’s get clearer about the latest app and compare both the apps features.

Difference between official whatsapp and GBWhatsapp apk: (official whatsapp V/S GBWhatsapp apk)

Official whatsapp:

  • It doesn’t support themes.
  • You cannot disable calling.
  • Won’t hide blue ticks.
  • You cannot make directly phone calls.
  • There is no lock option.
  • You will not appear online all the time.
  • You can only send 10 images at once.

GBWhatsapp apk:

  • It supports theme.
  • You can disable calling.
  • You can hide blue ticks, second tick, and online status.
  • You can call via phone directly to other person from GBWhatsapp.
  • There is an inbuilt chats lock.
  • It provides you always online Mod.
  • You can send 90 images at once.

Hope you are clear with the app and its features regarding the GBWhatsapp apk. Above are the mentioned steps from which you can download and install this app easily for your android and iOS devices. So just go and download this amazing app soon to enjoy the new and cool features. No other app will provide you the features like this app. The GBWhatsapp apk won’t let you down. You will feel the cherishing experience using this app.

We hope you have got all the details regarding this app from above. If you come across any problem while getting this app you can contact us leaving a comment and will come up with your solution ASAP. If you face any problem feel free to contact us. Also leave a comment about your experience of using GBWhatsapp apk. Thanks for visiting us have a great day ahead.

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