How to Use TBH App & Why You Must Use It?

How to Use TBH Time?

You might have a hundred apps on your phone, some which you open a hundred times per day, others which you haven’t opened since you’ve installed them. Look at your app drawer and think to yourself, “Why should I use this app?”. Does that sound as weird as I think it does?

Many people pause before installing an app. They think twice whether they need it or not. There has been quite an uproar in the app stores recently, and it might surprise you but it’s all because of one app. That’s right, one app. Can you actually believe that an app can hit the charts and occupy the top positions for weeks for iOS? Well, it has happened. The TBH app, the first anonymous app that has been labeled as the app that can give positive vibes.

TBH – Positive Vibes

Before we understand how to use the TBH app, let’s first understand why to use TBH App. There are many anonymous apps in the market. However, they all give freedom to users, freedom that is often misused. They take advantage of the app and they decide to throw insults and resort to cyberbullying. As we all know, an open text box and the freedom to say without holding accountability can do many bad things. WIth people being the victims of such abuse on social media and on apps such as Sarahah, there is a huge increase in the victims of depression.

As Sarahah was first used, people have said nice things to one another. However, nowadays, the misuse of Sarahah is visible. It’s crucial to understand and eliminate such threats. This is exactly what the makers of TBH app did. They have made the app keeping in mind the uprise of depression among the teenagers and users who have become the victims of anonymous apps. The makers have eliminated the use of a text box as it could tempt and give birth to fresh insults and new ways of cyberbullying.

TBH app has been labeled as “the app that can give positive vibes and increase optimism”. While many of the users might claim that this label is heavy especially for an anonymous app, it’s important to understand that TBH app is a lot different from the other anonymous apps in the market.

How to Use TBH App

Before we use an app, it’s better to understand how we can use it to its full potential. Similarly, it’s necessary to understand how we can use the TBH app. Before we go into how you can use the app and unlock all the premium features, you need to download the app.

#1. If you haven’t already downloaded the TBH app, then you can download it from here. After you finish the installation successfully.

#2. Open the app. The app will add all your contacts to your app. The app will give u a gender to choose from. You can either choose male or female and a neutral gender if you choose to not be labeled as a male or female.

#3. The app’s main feature is the way it asks various questions. The app’s makers have eliminated the use of an open textbox keeping in mind the risk of cyberbullying and people taking advantage of it. The questions are in the format of “Best DJ for the party”, “Underdog of the Squad” and so on.

#4. You are then given four friends to choose from. You can either choose a friend that you think suits the above question or you can click the shuffle button. Once you click the shuffle button, you will get a choice of four new friends to choose from.

#5. Similarly, your friends answer questions. Every time a friend chooses you in a poll, then you get a gem. If a girl answers a poll, then you get a pink gem. If a boy answers, then you get a blue colored gem.

#6. As you keep playing, you get more and more gems. With more gems, you can unlock unique polls and also unlock various features. Here’s our personal guide to how you get more gems in the TBH app.

Not only do you get to answers polls but you also get to make your own polls.

Conclusion on Why to Use TBH

The TBH app is a revolution among the anonymous apps. The first anonymous app that lets users have more optimism. The TBH app eliminates the risk of cyberbullying and abuse over social media. It encourages users to be positive and how they can understand the need for more optimism. Trust me, what’s better than waking up to a few positive compliments about you. Are you a TBH user yet?

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