How to save MP3 & MP4 on SD Card using Peggo App?

Peggo TV is one of the best applications available out there. You can use this stunning application to download your favorite MP3 and MP4 media files from YouTube without any quality loss. But, the big question here is that what you have to do to save MP3 and MP4 on SD card while using the Peggo app.

Steps to Save MP3 & MP4 on SD Card with Peggo App?

You need to be careful while saving your favorite songs and videos on your microSD card while using the Peggo application as Peggo will require the permissions to save the media files on your phone. Here are complete steps that must be followed if you want to store the media files on your SD card.

  • Open your Android device and then go to the ‘Android Permission Wizard’.Android Permission Wizard Peggo App
  • Tap on the option ‘Open permission Wizard’ and when it opens up, click on the ‘overflow’ icon on the upper right corner.
  • If you see ‘Hide SD Card’ as the option then move to the next step. If it is missing then tap on the ‘Show SD Card’.Hide SD Card Peggo App
  • Now, you must reopen the list of the device from the upper left corner.Device List Peggo App
  • You should tap on the SD Card icon.Save Media on SD Card with Peggo App
  • Now, the last thing you have to do is tap on ‘Select SD Card’ on the bottom of the screen.Select SD Card Option Peggo App
  • This is how you will allow Peggo App to save the media directly on the SD card of your device.
  • Later on, you can even select the download folder on the SD card where you wish the media to be stored. Go to Settings à Download Location.

The Last Words

This is how you can allow the Peggo App to store useful media from YouTube directly on your SD card. Peggo Android app is a stunning application that lets you download the YouTube and SoundCloud media on your devices. Download Peggo Application now!

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