The State Bank Pay App – The Latest UPI app from State Bank

State Bank Pay App: One of the most irritating things which an individual has to go through, especially in a country like India, is to stand in long queues. Whether it is to take out money from the ATM or deposit cash into the bank, it is a pretty long and time wasting task. But with the advancement in technology and everything being digitalized, there are many options now which can save you from standing in long and irritating queues to get your job done. There are many UPI apps, but now SBI has come up with their own UPI app which is pretty reliable. Going by the name SBI Pay, it is a really efficient app which can get most bank related jobs done for you.

The UPI trend started after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision of the demonetization. SBI has come up with the dedicated app of their own to help the customers of their bank make easy payments and transfer money without needing to stand in queues or having to remember their account details all the time. So if you are an SBI customers, this is the app you must definitely have on your phone. Let us now see in which devices you can get the app and what are the steps which you will be required to follow to get the app installed. But first, let us take a look at some of the features of the app.

Features of the State Bank Pay App

The SBI Pay app is certainly better than some of the other UPI apps available in the market. This is due to its amazing features. Let us find out which are some of its outstanding features.

  • It is compatible with all Android devices and makes money transfer easy and really quick, as the money is transferred in an instant.
  • It creates a Virtual Payment Address and hence you will not need to remember your bank details. Just create the VPA through your bank details once and make the payments in an instant afterward.
  • It makes shopping easier by providing payment option on various shopping sites such as Myntra, Jabong, and even Flipkart.State Bank pay App

How to get the SBI Pay App on your Android Devices?

The App is available both on the Google Play Store as well as the official SBI website. You can download the app from anywhere you want to. The installation process is quite simple and easy. You can just follow the steps mentioned below in order to get the SBI Pay app on your Android device.

If you download from Google Play Store

  • Go to Google Play Store and go to the search bar on the top.
  • Search SBI Pay and open the app for the search results.
  • Now click on the Install button located alongside the app.
  • The app will begin downloading and will thereby be installed within a few seconds.
  • After the app gets installed, you can just open it and use it to make payments or transfer money quickly without much hassle.

If you download from the SBI Website

  • Download the .apk file from the website and save it on your device.
  • Now go to settings and then security, now turn on the install from unknown sources option.
  • Now come back to the .apk file you had saved and opened it. It will begin installing.
  • The installation will be completed within a few seconds. Open the app after that and start making payments.
  • After logging, you need to create a virtual payment address which replaces your bank account details. Use your mobile number to generate mpin for safety purposes and begin the money transfer process after that.
The Final Say

So we have seen that SBI has launched their own UPI app which is filled with features to make your life easy. So you can just follow the steps mentioned above, install the SBI Pay app on your device and thereby make quick payments and money transfer.


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