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TBH APK Download

TBH APK (TBH = To Be Honest) is a social networking app that has been developed recently so that one can have fun with whimsical questions and answers about your friends and collect gems along with the trophies. In other words, each time a friend selects your name for a description as an answer, you will be given a gem. Once you provide the access to TBH app by allowing it to go to your location, contacts.

After being done with it, you can select the school or the college that you’re attending. However, the app doesn’t ask you for any kind of age verification and therefore even adults can join it, making sure that everyone has crossed 13. The TBH APK ultimately draws from your list and puts the other users of the app of your school/college at a place.

How to Use TBH App APK on Android

There are several options that you can find in the description like who would most likely want to live in a tent, who would eat a live bug, who would become the college president and you can choose one of the given four friends saying that he/she would match the description at best. In case if you don’t like the names offered, you can always shuffle to get the new names. You will usually be given a series of 10 different descriptions in an hour-long time before you get a new set of 12.

Therefore, you can invite friends and for each of them joining, you will get another round of descriptions or you can also submit your own poll questions along with emojis but only make sure that the developers find these questions positive and appropriate. It is important to know that tbh time apk acts just like a social networking app where the friends anonymously give compliments to one another. These descriptions are entirely controlled by the developer and therefore they make sure that the comments are not mean and offensive.

There is indeed the slightest possibility that the teens can use TBH APK for Android to target people. Users can submit their own ideas for polls but most of them are reviewed by the developers before they are added to the pool of descriptions. The registration asks for the age indirectly by asking the grade that they are in or that they have completed, either in college or high school. TBH Time APK also can access the contacts and locations in order to help them the nearby schools as well. One can’t directly message because of the privacy policy as it mentions an additional feature at some period of time.

The TBH Time app is available in limited states and before using the tbh APK app, you should go through the privacy policy in order to collect the needed information. Instead of just making the anonymous comments or asking the questions, the app scripts the feedback for fun with limited concerns. In terms of functionality, the only drawback about TBH Android has is that it has a friend finder and a contact search that allows you to contact people with whom you haven’t talked to, in a longer time.

In case if you have failed to contact TBH for Android users, you can also use the pull-down function to reach them or you can try to download TBH for PC. The app couldn’t be any longer simpler and the questions do appear on various colored screens with interesting quirks and jokes, as well.

How to Download TBH APK on Android?

The overall procedure to download TBH APK is pretty simple. Remember that you need to tweak few settings in your Android device because the TBH Time App isn’t officially available for Android users! But yes, it’s officially available for iPhone users. So here’s the step by step procedure to download TBH APK for Android smartphones and tablets!

  1. The TBH APK Android is not yet officially available in the Google Play store and therefore, you have to download the TBH Time APK Android file from third-party sources. To do that, one has to enable downloading from third-party sources by checking into the System Settings.
  2. Reach the Security>Apps>Unknown sources and check the rectangular box beside to enable downloading from third party sources.
  3. After doing that, either open a mobile browser or a web browser in order to enter the URL of the above link. It is mandatory to make sure that the URL you are downloading from is not infected with any kind of virus and this link is indeed safe.
  4. Open the link and wait for it to load, before you click on the button saying, “Download TBH Apk” from here. After downloading, either access it from the file manager or get it from the notification bar after transferring it to the mobile.
  5. The installation of TBH App it will take few minutes and therefore be patient while you download it carefully. After that, go to your home tray menu and locate the logo in order to play.

Final Verdict on TBH App Android

TBH APK is an extremely positive app if you can use it in the right way. It helps you form positivity around you and the little compliments and things that one can say and receive will help you hold up in life as well. Haven’t tried TBH APK on Android? Try it already and start spreading some fun and love around.

Note: This content was posted because many of the users all around the world are curious to know when TBH will be released on Android or they also search when is TBH (To Be Honest) coming out to Android or When will TBH be available on Android or release date and so on! Don’t worry folks, as soon as TBH release date for Android is out, we will update the download link to get TBH App Android!

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