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TBH App for iPhone/iPad

Most anonymous apps have one thing in common, they all tend to victimize some individuals. Anonymous apps give tremendous power to the user. The freedom of being able to literally say anything by targeting a person and not being accountable for it is a huge responsibility.

Users often take advantage of situations like this and spew racism, threats and degrade themselves to bullying. TBH is the latest app that’s rocking the app charts. With its makers making bold statements about TBH App iPhone being “the only anonymous app with positive vibes”, we’re all curious to see what lies ahead.

With all the app store’s talking about TBH for iPhone, you might be wondering what the TBH Time iOS app has. Well, read below to find out. The TBH app is named after the popular “slang” people use nowadays. TBH being the acronym for “to be honest”. With people using hashtags surrounding this acronym, there’s no surprise to see the trend tbh iPhone app will create. By the way, you can also download TBH for PC as well! 😀

Features of TBH Time iOS App

Here are the few amazing features that tbh iOS app boasts of.

  • Completely anonymous
  • Increases positive interaction among friends
  • Eliminates risk of cyberbullying
  • Increases awareness among people about the risks of cyberbullying
  • Encourages the use of compliments and the need for optimism

These are the many benefits that users can get from using the TBH app for iPhone/iPad. While many might be apprehensive about the anonymity causing an issue in public, this app clearly removes any sort of worry or fear as it’s all about creating and maintaining an optimistic vibe. The TBH iOS app’s main feature is that there isn’t a text box where users can type whatever they want but they’re giving prompts such as, “Should DJ every party” or “Hotter than the sun”.

How Does TBH Time for iPhone work?

TBH App for iPhone is strictly for users who are above grade 9. The TBH iPhone app lets you sign up and lets you select the high school or college you are in. Even if you’ve graduated, you can still use the app. The interesting part about TBH for iOS app is that the only thing shared with others is your gender. You can either choose as male or female. However, there is also another option for those who don’t identify themselves as either of the genders.

The polls are presented 12 at a time. You get a poll and you are given four friends to choose from. If you’re unable to choose from the list of four friends, then you are allowed to shuffle. The shuffle button gives you a new set of friends to choose from. TBH iPhone app also lets you submit your own polls, however, they have to be positive or uplifting. They cannot be rude, negative or contain any abusive words.

If you’re chosen by a friend in any poll, you will get a notification. You can only see the gender of the person and nothing else. You will get a gemstone each time a friend picks you, blue if it’s a boy and pink if it’s a girl. These gems can be used to unlock questions and more interesting features.

How to Download TBH for iPhone & iPad

Here’s my guide to help you download TBH app on iPhone for free.

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Before you start the download, ensure that your device meets the requirements for the app.

#1. Open Safari browser on your iOS device and head over to TBHTime.com or visit Apple iTunes Store and search “TBH”. Once you find the official result download TBH App on iPhone right away!

#2. You can download the app from anywhere else, however, it can be risky as many websites give fake links.

#3. Once you’ve navigated to the download page, download the TBH app. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation successfully. Once you’ve completed the installation successfully, then you can find the app on your home screen.

Conclusion on TBH App iPhone

TBH app iPhone is making a revolution in the app stores only because it’s the one app that is anonymous and is made for optimism. If you’re someone who’d like to create positive vibes and encourage optimism among your friend circle, then download the TBH app.

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