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TBH for PC

There have been many apps that are being dropped recently for reviewing each and everything and people have become not an exception in the process. Sarahah has been one such app that allows you to review people and send them anonymous texts to other people when given their profile link. With the similar functionality, another popular app has also been developed following the #tbh hashtag trend that we all saw on Instagram. And that’s TBH for PC download by TBHTime.com!

Used for years as the Instagram currency, this hashtag allows you to give honest compliments for people for liking a particular picture. The only catch about this new app is that it is particularly good without any negativity to it. Titled as, TO be Honest (TBH PC Download), this app takes polls from the users about their friends in the same school or the community. Each player after gets TBH for PC download will be taken to a game type interface where one would receive around 12 different polls at a time.

After completing these polls, one has to wait for an extended period in order to get a new set of 12 questions, again. The polls would include questions like “Who will be the next international fashion icon?” or “Who should party every day?”. For each question, you will have four different people as options to choose from and in case if you think that none of them suits the description best, you can always shuffle the options and get new pictures all over again.

TBH PC Download Features

However, the gender can also be either told or can be kept as a secret based on your preference. In case if you’re a guy giving a compliment to a girl, the girl who received it would have a blue gem in her account and if it’s you’re a girl, she will have a pink gem added to her account. Signing up for the app wants you to be around 13 years old. Even though it won’t ask you to confirm directly, it will ask you about which grade you’re in and therefore you have to be careful about that.

After signing up, you will be asked about your school and college and once you are in, you can respond to as many polls as you like based on the amount of time that you spend on it. Every time someone picks you in a poll, you will be getting a gemstone in the form of virtual currency, allowing you to unlock more features and questions. In case if you have run out of 12 questions, you can invite new friends in order to gain additional polls or the option to add questions. The developers of the game will make sure that your questions are positive before approving them.

The game has been made to the top of all the App store charts and the statistics say that it has been downloaded more than 700,000 times. The app has been made available for the iOS devices, officially in the iTunes & App Store. The TBH PC APK Android version can be downloaded from the third party sources, as it is not yet made available on the Google Play Store. That being said, wondering how to download it on your PC/Laptop. Here’s how:

Download TBH PC for Windows 7/8/10 using Bluestacks

  1. Install the Bluestacks App from the official website of the Bluestacks where you can both the versions, PC and also Mac. After downloading the file, install it and make sure that you have the App store access checked in the settings. Be patient, while you download it.
  2. In case if you’re downloading it for Windows OS X or Vista, you might need around 2 GB RAM to run the apps. Search for the particular app by entering the keyword, “tbh for pc” in the search option to download. After finding the own server, you can download the app from the store.
  3. However, as the app is not yet loaded in the play store, you can open a web browser and download the app from the third party website like us by entering the URL of this page. Wait for it to load and download the TBH APK file from here.
  4. After downloading, access the download folder and locate the file to right click open it via the Bluestacks player. The Bluestacks will open the file on the Android interface to install the file. It will take some time for the installation to be done and once it is over, you can find the file on the tray menu.

Download TBH Time App for PC using iPadian

The TBH for PC is available in both .api format and also .apk format and therefore one can download any of these files on your PC and run them. However, based on the file format you have acquired the process will be different for each. For example, if you have the .api format which is usually downloaded on iOS devices, then you have to get hold of the iOS emulator, iPadian in order to run the game.

  1. Visit the official website of the iPadian (Paid Version) and get the download file from it. By following the instructions, install the software on your device.
  2. Open the iPadian to find the iOS interface being played on it. Now, from the interface search for the ‘iTunes & App store”. Open it and then search for the keyword “tbh” by entering it. By clicking on the official result, install the game.
  3. Open the drawer on your phone and find the app in it. Click on the installed ‘TBH PC’ icon and follow the instructions to play the game.

Wrapping Up

TBH for PC is one such amusing app with no potential dangers and risks in the internet world today and therefore, using it is only going to brighten your day with positive vibes. Especially, when you are low and are feeling gloomy, giving compliments and receiving compliments might actually help you in having a better time. So, what are you waiting for? Download TBH for PC and start throwing compliments at people, anonymously while you get some. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on TBH PC Download & iOS as well! 😉

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