What are Gems in TBH & How to Get More Gems?

TBH Gems

TBH Gems: There’s always a new trend among apps, devices, and even software. However, there are a few trends that are long lasting, these trends are often the ones that have a lot more than just software. The latest trend that’s causing an uproar in the app stores is TBH app. This app is named after the famous acronym that many teenagers use while texting and interacting on social media. The acronym TBH means “to be honest”.

While many of us might be disinterested in anonymous apps, the makers of TBH have made a bold statement saying that the TBH app is nothing like we’ve ever seen. This app is capable of creating positive vibes and optimism among the youth of today. There are many anonymous apps in the market, however, TBH app is quite different. TBH eliminates the use of an open text box to eradicate cyberbullying and any chances of abuse.

What are TBH Gems?

For those who have well acquainted with TBH app, they might know what TBH gems are. However, there are a few who’ve no idea how to get more gems on TBH or what are gems in TBH. TBH gems are much similar to coins and awards and can be treated like currency. The players are given polls such as “Best DJ in town” or “Life of the party” and are given four friends to choose from. Each friend that you choose gets a gem. SImilarly, whoever chooses you in their polls gives you a gem.

You will be notified when you get a gem. If it’s a blue gem, then it’s a boy and if it’s a pink gem, then it’s a girl. These gems are to be collected and stored and used as you go farther in the game. Now, the main question is how can you get more TBH gems. Before you know that, have a look at the guide on how to use TBH App so that you can easily get more gems in TBH. 

How to Get More Gems on TBH?

The basic idea behind creating an app like TBH is to encourage positivity among friends. The aim of the app is to encourage optimism and increase the positive feedback among people. While many might be able to discourage or throw a few insults, it takes a lot to say something good about someone.

The best TBH gems hack is to answer more polls. The more polls you answer on TBH gives you a lot more questions and a wider presence on TBH. You can create polls and send them to your friends to get more gems. You can get your friends to answer polls and see if any of them recognize the polls you make. Remember, the TBH gems can be used to unlock more features and in the end, this is all just a game.

TBH Gems Hack

For you to get more TBH gems and to unravel the amazing features of TBH app, you first need to download the app properly. There are many fake apps and many websites that provide fake information. You can safely download TBH Time app for Android or TBH app for iOS here.

The best TBH gems hack is to share your progress with the game on social media. While you encourage and invite more of your contacts to play, not only does the fun increase but it also increases your chances of getting more TBH gems.

Conclusion on TBH Gems

The makers of TBH are positive that this app can create a more optimistic environment among the youth. You can help spread joy and positivity by playing the game. Go on, have some fun, answer polls and get all your friends to do the same. It takes a lot more for a person to say something good about someone being anonymous rather than saying something bad.

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