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TBH, as we all know stands for “To be Honest” in the internet slang and it has been a prevalent tradition followed by the people (especially the teens) to say something in a raw and unfiltered tone. Recently, TBH app has been created with the same name where the person is kept anonymous except the gender. This TBH Time app is very much similar to Sarahah and it lets you send messages to people without revealing your identity. You can also check Peggo APK which is the best MP3 converter in today’s world!

It follows the same path as previous apps and sites, for example, ask.FM where users can take the amusing advantage of staying anonymous. However, unlike the past apps, where racism is spawn, threats are made and people bully each other’ this new TBH App is designed to change all of that and which is why it has been trending on the apps stores for multiple devices.

TBH App Download

TBH App has been becoming prominent as one of the popular apps and the positive vibes are the reason for it. However, this is not a conventional messaging app like Sarahah or the other similar app Yik Yok, where people can just send the texts to the user profile. In TBH App, the users are given some prompts about their connections (including friends and family).

Some examples of the prompts include “Hotter than the Sun”, “Should DJ every party” or four other options from which you can choose the one that fits the best for your friend. TBH Time has set the terms and conditions in a way that the users should be aged 13. In other words, only the grade level students can sign up and then select their school and the grade in order to use the app and give honest compliments to fellow students.

The app has been named after the eminent hashtag “#tbh” which has been in existence on Instagram profiles for a while now. The users of Instagram have been using this hashtag in order to say nice things about their friends. A tbh time, over the years, has become Instagram currency and people tend to trade the tbh for a like on the picture. Therefore, the app name is surely inspired by that and even if it is not, it shares a lot of similarities with that trend.


TBH Time App Functionality: How it Works?

The TBH app works in a pretty sophisticated way. For example, when someone picks you in the poll, you will get more gemstones. If a girl is picking you up, you will get a pink gem and if a guy is picking you up, you will get a blue gem. Therefore, depending on the number of pink gems and blue gems, you can decide the number of girls and boys who pick you up. These TBH gems will further help you in unlocking more features and further questions in TBH Time App.

TBH Time download has been made available initially in few countries like Florida, Washington, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Indiana, Georgia, Massachusetts etc. The TBH app can be downloaded on multiple devices from respective stores. Despite being in limited states, tbh has become the talk of the town in lesser time where it has been installed around 700,000 times and till September, it has around 46,000 active daily users based on the estimates made by the App Analyst firm, Apptopia.

Whenever someone chooses your name in the poll, you will find a notification in the inbox and you will be able to know the gender of the person after that. When there is a description that has been given to you, and if you think that none of the four options will suit it; you can always shuffle it and the app will give you four new friends to choose from. In case if you don’t like the description at all, you don’t have to vote and can just skip it. The only reason why people should be using TBH app is that it is extremely lighthearted and makes you feel positive all the time.

These polls are not at all cruel and don’t contain the mean spirit at all. You can simply submit your own descriptions to the polls as well but only after making sure that they are extremely uplifting in nature. TBH app sets the interface up like a game where you will be receiving series of polls, total twelve at a time and your responses to each of these will be kept entirely anonymous. After that, you will select the gender of yours so that your friend will get an idea about who has given the particular comment to them.

One extremely cool thing about tbh app is that there is no option to know someone as male or female, either. Tbh time is only for the users who are in grade 9 and up. In case if you have already graduated the high school, you can still select the same school and use the TBH app.

TBH Time for Android

  1. TBH App for Android is not officially released on the Google Play Store and therefore, it can be downloaded from any third party source as TBH APK file (will upload soon). All you need to do is enable downloading from third-party sources and then get the app on your phone and start playing.
  2. To do this, start with visiting the system settings and go to the Security. Open Apps>Unknown Sources and enable the box beside it to download from third-party sources.
  3. Now open the mobile browser and enter the URL of this page and wait for it to load. In case if you’re looking to download from some other source, make sure that there is no malware attached.
  4. Download the file from the link saying, “Download TBH Apk” and get the file. Access it from the notification bar and click on it to install it. Wait for the installation to be done as it will take few mins and start using the app.

Download TBH App for iOS

The TBH for iOS has been launched officially in Apps & iTunes store and people are going gaga over it. Many teenagers have flooded the comment section saying that the app has taken their school by storm. There is not a single negative thing that you can find on this TBH app for iPhone and users can choose qualities like eyes brightening the day and such little things have the potential to make the day of anyone.

Being a huge boost to anyone’s confidence, TBH app can be directly downloaded from iTunes or one can download it from a third party source. After downloading it from Safari browser from the link below saying, “Download TBH App for iOS”, trust the app by going to Profiles> Enterprise App> General> Trust and then confirm to run tbh app.

How to Install TBH Time App for PC

  1. Download the iPadian on your computer and install TBH on PC. Once the tool is installed, open it to see that it’s an iOS Player. You can open the iTunes Store from the menu.
  2. In order to download the app, search for the keyword “tbh time” in the store and you will get few results. Make sure you find the official result and install the tbh app.
  3. Open the App drawer once the installation is done and view all the apps in the emulator. Click on the tbh time logo icon to open it and follow the instructions to play the game.
  4. In case if you got hold of the TBH Apk, you can download any Android emulator like the BlueStacks and open the app through it in order to play it. The process is similar and can be easily done.

Final Words on TBH – To Be Honest!

That being said, TBH app is a fun polling app that allows you to boost each other while staying completely positive and immensely encouraging. With the world going sadly over the past couple of days with many highs and lows, the TBH app will help you in making days a little better and also spreading love among a community. What are you waiting, for? Download TBH Time App on your Android, iOS & PCs now!


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